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Colorful flower bed in a park in Sweden

Looking for Plants?

We plant flowers, shrubs, grass, and trees that will thrive on your property.

Seeding & Nursery Plants for Your Yard

Sharpe Landscaping & Construction has been providing protective and beautiful landscaping to residents of Kingston, Joyceville, and communities throughout Eastern Ontario for over thirty-five years. From lawns to flowers, trees, and shrubs, we offer you an excellent seeding and landscaping service that includes:




landscaping services


We use the hydroseeding and terraseeding™ methods to provide you with a quick-growing, lush lawn that will take root in your soil and prevent erosion. Our seeding methods work well on all types of soil and terrain. Contact us to learn more about our seeding.

Trees and Shrubs

Improve soil and water conservation on your property while helping Eastern Ontario adapt to climate change by planting trees and shrubs that are appropriate for our weather and your soil. We can guide you in your choice of plants and their location, and we can plant and maintain them for you too. Call us to learn more. 

Manicured Garden
Plant Store

Flowers and Other Plants

Add colour and joy to your property with professionally grown and planted flowers and other vegetation. We will advise you on your selection and placement, and provide you with beautiful, healthy annuals and perennials that will add smiles to passersby and honey to bee hives.  

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