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Looking for Green Grass?

Hydroseeding and Terraseeding™ offer effective alternatives to sod and dry sowing.

Lush Lawns Through Hydroseeding & Terraseeding™

When you are looking for a fast, green lawn that will survive the seasons and control soil erosion, consider hydroseeding or terraseeding™ offered in Kingston, Joyceville, and throughout Eastern Ontario by Sharpe Landscaping & Construction.



Hydroseeding is a one-step seeding approach that includes seed, fertilizer, hydromulch, tackifier, and water in one application. It is a quick, cost-effective alternative to sod and is much more effective than broadcasting and sowing dry seed. New grass growth can be seen within a week, and mowing will be required within the first month after application. It is particularly effective for hills, sloping lawns, and construction sites.


Terraseeding™ includes the blowing of seeds and a growing material of soil and compost into place. It offers optimum nutrition and moisture for germination. The process protects against soil erosion and yields a well-established, long-lasting turf or lawn.

Rows of young trees in garden at sunny summer day
Modern office park with green lawn, trees and bench

Which Seeding Method to Choose

Both hydroseeding and Terraseeding™ are excellent options for commercial and residential applications. However, if your soil requires extra nutrition in order to be a good growth medium for the grass seed, it is best to choose Terraseeding™.

We can help you determine which seeding method is best for your yard or property. Call us today.

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